The Big 30!!!!!!!!!

I will leave you all to decide whether I was a cute little boy

It’s 11:39 pm on November 24th 2010 and in 21 minutes I will turn 30 years old. Many believe that age is only a number but the fact is I feel really old and cannot help it!

The last three decades, some of which I don’t remember because I was in a pram, have been nothing short of eventful. Having successfully negotiated nursery, primary (Ilford Jewish Primary School) and secondary school (King Solomon High School) and University (Middlesex University), I also had to contend with the passing of my grandpa when I was around seven years old, severe acne and a subsequent confidence crisis in my teenage years, the passing of my grandma and the loss of my dear friend, the late Ben Bernstein more recently.

But despite these difficult times, there have been more highs than lows and I have few regrets. I performed to the best

Living the high life

of my ability throughout my education, have always had great friends with whom I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy fun times and been in jobs which challenge me and keep me on my toes. I may feel old and ancient at this moment in time, but once the dust settles and I come to terms with the fact I have reached this milestone, it will surely be a case of onwards and upwards.

When I look back at this post in years to come I will probably ask myself why I had that initial feeling of fear when I turned 30 years of age. Almost inevitably I will wonder why it took so long to realise that age really is only a number and that it never has to hold anyone back.


About Tales of Andy

My name is Andrew and I am journalist living in London. I am passionate about my work but still find time for my friends and family who mean everything to me. I am always smiling, always happy and really want this to shine through in my blog.
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2 Responses to The Big 30!!!!!!!!!

  1. Melissa Dawn Goldberg says:

    I love you Andy!

  2. Va va says:

    Tu es drôle!
    Oui je sais… tu es anglais, tu t’appelles André et tu as maintenant trente ans…alors bon anniversaire dd!

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