A night on the tiles

What a poser I am

It all started with a nice meal sat opposite a special someone at a local Italian restaurant. This was followed by a few pre-30th birthday celebration drinks at the Valentine pub, a regular haunt during my teenage years.

The shots were flowing and the anticipation was building ahead of the train journey to London where most of my friends were congregated.

We eventually arrived at Gem Bar (www.gem-bar.co.uk) around 10:00 pm, an hour late due largely to a certain person who shall remain nameless and our inability to find the club. Once we finally made it inside, the music was pumping, everyone was buzzing and it was time to get the party started.

Some people like to keep their birthday’s quiet and do little to celebrate but I have always been the opposite. For one day of the year I like to be the centre of attention and I am not ashamed to admit this. This is why I always organise a celebration, usually in Central London which is a common meeting ground.

It was great to see so many of my friends in attendance. Some I see on a regular basis while others I do not see that often all. We went on to party the night away and other than a few instances where voices were raised between couples, the night passed off without major incident.

What a lovely couple

An indicator of a good night is often the noise level during the journey home. In this instance everybody, with the exception of those who let the alcohol get the better of them and were sleeping, were reflecting on a good night. Organising a mini-bus to take us home was a blessing in disguise as it meant we did not have to brave the cold and spend ages looking for taxis.

This morning I woke up early and had a nice fry-up before having an afternoon nap and watching football. Tonight I will travel to Crystal Palace to stay with a friend so I am not affected by the latest tube strike on my way to work tomorrow. Watch this space as my feelings on the recent tube strikes could well be the subject of an upcoming blog.

So now I have turned 30 years old does this mean the mad nights out have to stop? Not a chance methinks. As long as

What a lucky man

they are planned in moderation and balanced with various other commitments, there is no reason why they not continue.

Oh well my 30th birthday celebrations may have ended, but there is plenty to look forward to. A trip to Madrid next week for work, followed by various other birthday celebrations, Christmas and New Year’s festivities should mean an exciting end to 2010.

Who knows? My local Italian restaurant and the Valentine pub could well be the start of several nights out on the town before the year end and in the future.


About Tales of Andy

My name is Andrew and I am journalist living in London. I am passionate about my work but still find time for my friends and family who mean everything to me. I am always smiling, always happy and really want this to shine through in my blog.
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